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Eclipse p2 director install command behaving different.Changed the behavior.

I am an Eclipse plug in developer. We had a product, using the same command since long time (more than 10 yrs) to install a zip file. How ever earlier it was fine as per the design,But 1 year before noticed a small bug. Given below.

During installation of the product the below command executes at first.

"$INTV_ECLIPSE_DIR$$/$eclipse$/$eclipse.exe" -noSplash -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -repository "jar:file:/$MS_NEW_SAR_STRING$/!/" -installIU -destination "$INTV_ECLIPSE_DIR$$/$eclipse"

After the product(Eclipse plugin) installed successfully, in Eclipse->Help->Install New Software->'Available Softwares Sites' section I see below. com.intervoice.gtf.p2repo jar:file:/C:/Users/iviadmin/AppData/Local/Temp/170328.tmp/!/ Enabled

However the above name and location is not required to show there. My question is why it adds iviadmin users temp file path there after installation. Earlier it was not showing like it,this jar file path was not adding (jar and file path not necessary to display).Any Changes happened in ECLIPSE IDE in previous releases, which affected to the existing behavior of my tool when I upgraded to the next eclipse version.

Also please let me know, How could I suppress or remove this behaviour using p2 director command.

The below higlighted lines should not visible in the Available Software sites section , in ideal case. Screenshot below:::

the above command same as below eclipse.exe -noSplash -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -repository "jar:file:/D:/MyDownloads/!/" -installIU -destination "C:/Program Files (x86)/Intervoice/Eclipse for Interaction Composer Studio 3.0/eclipse"

[Also the zip file ( is not located in the specified path.] com.intervoice.gtf.p2repo jar:file:/C:/Users/iviadmin/AppData/Local/Temp/170328.tmp/!/

I am using Eclipse Mars Eclipse Web Developer Tools Version: 3.8.0.v20160603 Eclipse Platform Version: 4.6.1.v20160907

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