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EMF/EMF 2.5/Simplified Downloads


Request For Comment: Will anyone miss the extra EMF Zips?

With the advent of p2 and the smaller EMF features introduced in EMF 2.3, the EMF team is evaluating if the All-In-One, Runtime (3), Sourcedoc (3) & Examples Zips are still meaningful and useful to consuming teams, projects, and products.

The proposal is to replace these 8 bite-size zips (collectively 56M) with a single "All-In-One" 29M archived update site zip. Once downloaded, this zip can be fed to p2 without unzipping it and users can select which features to install. It will mirror the experience of using a remote update site, but will be for a single build and will not include packed jars.

If you download & use any of these these 8 zips we'd like to know why -- really, just to know if we'd be crippling you by removing them from the available EMF 2.5 downloads.

Note that the Models and Automated Tests zips will continue to be separate downloads.

Digging Deeper -- What's In The Zips?

ZipArchived Update Site
SDK, sourcedoc, examples, and runtime zips contain:
  plugins/ [jarred + unpacked plugins]
  features/ [unpacked features]
Update zips contain:
  plugins/ [jarred plugins]
  features/ [jarred features]

What's the Difference?

Installing from the old-style zip can be done with p2 in numerous ways, but the old "just unpack it into eclipse/" (or newer "just unpack it into eclipse/dropins/foo/") method can be used outside of Eclipse to install these features.

Installing from an archived update site can only be done with p2 (inside the UI, using the Admin UI, or the director).


To be determined. Please post your qualms / concerns / kudos to bug 240223.

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