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CLR Team

About the team...

- Main contact: Marine Carrara (

- Assyl Louahadj (

- Randy Ratsimbazafy (

About the rover...


In the following report you'll find the following diagrams:

- The Context diagram of the Rover

- The Use case diagram

- The Requirements diagram

- The Sequence diagram

- The Block Definition diagram

- The Internal block diagram

- The State diagram

- The Link between requirements and behavior diagram


We have used Papyrus (version 1.0.1v201409170932 for eclipse-rcp-luna-SR1-win32) to define the following models (downloadable files or URL to download the files).

The PDF Report :

File:M2DL 2014-2015 IS Rapport-SysML-Rover CARRARA Marine LOUAHADJ Assyl RATSIMBAZAFY Randy.pdf

The Source project of the diagrams :

File:M2DL 2014-2015 IS Projet-Diagrammes-SysML-Rover CARRARA Marine LOUAHADJ Assyl RATSIMBAZAFY

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