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Papyrus IC/Research Academia

Papyrus IC logo

Rover application form

The Papyrus Industry Consortium will provide a limited number of rovers for use in teaching, research and/or industry demos. You can find information on the rovers at PolarSys Rover.

To apply for a rover, fill out the form here: Rover application form

The goal of the Research/Academia committee is to work towards bringing together interested parties from Industry and Academia to collaborate on research and education around Papyrus and related technologies.

We use this wiki to collect information regarding the committee's activities.

Committee Members

  • Committee Leader: Ernesto Posse, Zeligsoft
  • Co-chairman (Industry): Francis Bordeleau , Ericsson
  • Co-chairman (Research/Academia): Juergen Dingel, Queen's University
  • Jordi Cabot (Open University of Catalonia)
  • Federico Ciccozzi (Mälardalen University)
  • Antonio García Dominguez (Aston University)
  • Sebastien Gérard (CEA)
  • Dimitris Kolovos (University of York)
  • Philip Langer (EclipseSource)
  • Shuai Li (CEA)
  • Grischa Liebel (Chalmers University)
  • Tanja Mayerhofer (TU Vienna)
  • Ricardo Sanz (Polytechnic University of Madrid)
  • (Airbus Helicopters)
  • (Saab)
  • (OneFact)


2017 plan

The plan for 2017 is located here.

Minutes of Meetings (MoM)

The following minutes have been approved:

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