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Papyrus IC/Research Academia/Teaching materials

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In this page we will collect teaching materials contributed by participants.


Here are some ideas for organizing the collect and upload of teaching materials:

  • A feature that can be really helpfull is to attach new teaching material with a "Oomph-like" description of the required plug-ins required to do the tutorial without installation problems.
  • Define 3 levels of complexity (e.g., basic, advanced, expert) based on something close to OMG certification levels.

Existing materials

In this section you can add existing material available. Please use the following identification:

  • Country flag for foreign language (e.g., fr for French material)
  • level of concepts: easy/beginner (star), advanced (starstar) and experts (starstarstar)
  • level of Papyrus expertise: beginner begin to expert expert
Title Contact Level Link
Papyrus introduction videos for different diagram types Grischa Liebel star/begin YouTube Channel
Creating a SysML extension profile in Papyrus Dimitris Kolovos star/begin Part 1, Part 2
Adding an OCL constraint to the SysML extension profile Dimitris Kolovos starstar/begin YouTube Video
Java code generation from Papyrus via EMF Grischa Liebel star/advanced YouTube Channel
Using Papyrus-RT to control the Pololu 5 rover Antonio García Dominguez starstar/begin Slides Code git repo Instructions

Upcoming materials

In this section you can add the material you are currently working on and that should be available during the coming semester. Use the same identification as the above section, and precise if possible the expected date.

Title Contact Level Expected
Class collaboration using SysML™ Papyrus and EMFCompare J.-M. Bruel starstar/begin 01/2017

Usefull links

Here are some existing links to teaching materials, tutorials and videos:

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