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Papyrus IC/Architecture/MoM/2018-04-03 Architecture Committee Minutes


  • Rémi (chair)
  • Ernesto (Zeligsoft)
  • Keith (OneFact)
  • Samuel
  • Florian (CEA)

Next Phone call: May 15th, 2018, 4PM


UML2 And Photon

Collaborative meetings

  • Discontinued?
    • volunteers: Ernesto & Philip

Task Forces

Florian: Next year plan

  • Roadmap for Photon (see Photon)
  • Next version: 4.0.
    • API need some major improvements
    • Copy and Paste issues (Antonio)
  • Currently up-to-date

Philip: DSML task force

  •  ?

Philip/Ernesto: Textual / graphical modeling

  • No news

Per/Rémi: Dependency management, dependencies from Papyrus

  • no update on that task

Release train for Papyrus

Oxygen Plan

  • Oxygen.3: released (End of March 2018)
  • Oxygen.4 (not in simultaneous release train, only on official Papyrus updates): planned for end of May 2018 Oxygen.4 plan
    • Reminder to update the wiki page

Photon Plan

  • M6 done
  • M7: Mid-May 2018

Additional topics

  • Release engineering
    • Volunteers?
    • No proposals yet. CEA is running the releng on its own
  • Release train for Photon +1 (Rémi)
    • Naming Photon+ (Rolling Simultaneous Release) issue: Bug 532220 naming bug & Wiki page
    • Proposal in short:
      • not an official release / year in June + 3 minor release anymore
      • 13 weeks release cycle, with per project API deprecation / evolution policy, etc.
      • May put a lot of charge into projects like UML2 and in Papyrus (1. because of potential API breakage and / or not enough ressources to evolve)
    • Florian
    • several product management and project management
      • technical issues can appear with these changes
      • partners would have to follow the same pace, this could be an issue
      • CEA dev team being working on this
    • Patrick to summarize the ideas and share them with PIC
  • Photon & Oxygen: Minor release and API breakage (Ernesto)
    • Brought up by Charles in February
    • This topic came because it could break the Papyrus-RT builds
    • Quentin & Ernesto discussed on the technical aspect
      • Issue from Junit tests => issue mostly resolved (from Photon, JUnit plugins will be released - initial problem fixed)
      • 20 plugins with major API changes
    • Proposal:
      • Papyrus community version?
      • Specific branches for specific subprojects/users
        • To be raised to product management and/or steering committee?

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