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(May 27 Agenda)
(May 27 Agenda)
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***public void useSOAP12();
***public void useSOAP12();
** remove <code>public int getSoapVersion()</code> method
** remove <code>public int getSoapVersion()</code> method
* [[COSMOS_CMDBf_Query_to_SQL_Mapping| CMDBf Query to SQL Mapping ]]
* [[COSMOS_CMDBf_Query_to_SQL_Mapping| CMDBf Query to SQL Mapping ]] (Hubert)
== Minutes of prior weekly meetings ==
== Minutes of prior weekly meetings ==

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COSMOS Main Page

Data Collection

Meeting Title: Conference Call on COSMOS Data Collection
Link to information on Wiki: CosmosDataCollectionComponent
Meeting Schedule Tuesdays at 10:30AM
North America Toll Free (866) 376-6162
International (660) 422-5140
UK 0808 234 8022
Access 908-874-7480#


Email [Jimmy Mohsin]

May 27 Agenda

  • Simplifying demo setup (Hubert)
    • Bug 229054
    • Two alternatives:
      • After running configDemo, start tomcat, wait for 10 seconds, registers all data manaters, retry a couple time if registration fails.
      • Install a broker database with data managers already populated.
  • Default SOAP version and related API (Hubert)
    • bug 228463
    • default SOAP version: 1.1
    • Change public void setSoapVersion(int soapVersion) to:
      • public void useSOAP11();
      • public void useSOAP12();
    • remove public int getSoapVersion() method
  • CMDBf Query to SQL Mapping (Hubert)

Minutes of prior weekly meetings

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