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Project Manifesto

  1. All new enhancements will be unit tested.
  2. First learn rule number 1.

Getting the Source

The source code for Vex resides in the Mylyn Docs Vex Git repository. For general information about how to use Git see the EGit User Guide. The names of the Vex plug-in projects are all prefixed with: org.eclipse.vex.

Setup a Workspace

Vex is available through the Eclipse Installer (by Oomph). To setup a workspace, do the following steps:

  1. Get the Eclipse Installer, unzip it and start it.
  2. Click the menu button and switch to 'Advanced Mode'
  3. Select "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers" on the "Product" page and press "Next"
  4. Double-click on "Vex" on the "Projects" page and press "Next"
  5. Fill out the "Variables" page as it fits best to your desired environment and press "Next"
  6. Check the planned bootstrap tasks on the "Confirmation" page and press "Next" to start the actual installation of the IDE
  7. Press "Finish" after the installation is done.

It will take a moment until your new Vex IDE is started, just be patient. Some seconds after the start, again a installation wizard is opened where you have to confirm the configuration tasks for the new IDE.

Patches and Bug Fixes

Please provide us your contributions through the Gerrit Code Review system of the Eclipse Foundation. For more information about how to use Gerrit, please see Development_Resources/Contributing_via_Git.

Bug fixes that come with unit tests are more likely to be reviewed sooner than those that do not come with unit tests. Patches over 250 lines of code will have to be sent through eclipse IP review.

With that said, we are actively seeking new enhancements and patches for Vex.


Vex is build with Tycho (see "Tycho - Building Eclipse Plugins with Maven") on its own Hudson instance.

Getting Help

Committers watch and hang out on a variety of eclipse resources channels. Include #eclipse irc channel on Also, we monitor the Eclipse Community Forum and the eclipse.vex newsgroup. Developer questions should be sent to the mylyn-vex-dev mailing list.

Vex Committer Calls

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