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Vex Committer Call 2011-02-15


  • Florian Thienel
  • Holger Voormann
  • Igor Lino-Campista (offline)

Status Reports


  • working on restructuring of the plug-ins


  • working on isolation of the content model to allow the adaption of other models (e.g. WikiText)


  1. BUG: Releng, has no vmargs setup, so its very easy to get out of memory errors.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: rename wizard for "Document" -> "VEX Document" ( in this way, if you type VEX in the filter field, you will find it as a search result together with the new "vex project")
  3. BUG: Selecting a document type in the document wizard, does not give you a meaningful root element choice. (there is usually only 1 root element that makes sense for each doc type option)
  4. IMPROVEMENT: Filename extension validation needed. (If you use whatever extension, the user may not even be able to open it with the right editor by default, since the extension will be unknown)
  5. IMPROVEMENT: Suggest valid filename extensions based on the selected doctype
  6. BUG: reproduced the null pointer with multipart editor that I noticed last year. ( reported by other person recently )
  7. BUG: the generated template for the DITA 1.1 topic does no include mandatory attributes for that root element that was selected.

Next Call

2011-03-01, 23:00 CET

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