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Vex Committer Call 2011-02-01


  • Holger Voormann
  • Igor Jacy Lino Campista

Status Reports


  • Igor: Problem to commit via GIT finally resolved (used his normal Bugzilla password/account instead of his committer password/account)
  • Holger: Dashboard support for Vex (GIT) resolved (bug 306313)
  • Holger: Logo at the Marketplace added (bug 335317)


  • Igor: IP log for DITA 1.2 via Eclipse Portal (bug 311113)
  • Igor: Solve some Finbugs warnings
  • Holger: Commit source code via GIT
  • Holger: Restruction of plug-ins (bug 293517)

Next Call

2011-02-15, 23:00 CET

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