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Vex Committer Call 2010-07-13


  • Igor Jacy Lino Campista
  • Florian Thienel
  • Holger Voormann

Nomination of Igor

All paperwork is ready now. The nomination of Igor will be repeated.


The repository was migrated to Git. We will try it out in the following weeks.

Online Help

A skeleton for the online help was created in the Wiki, where the editing of the content will take place. We will try to automatically generate the Eclipse Help for Vex from the content of the Wiki pages.

Currently the most important topics where we have to improve the documentation are

  • setup of a development environment for Vex
  • contribution of code and content
  • integration of custom document types in Vex


The Wiki for Vex is available under the new URL The structure should be similar to the Wiki of the Xtext project [1].


We try to get in touch with students and universities. Maybe we can provide opportunities for theses and other student projects in the future. Another possibility to extend the Vex user community might be the integration of the PI-Mod document type in Vex.

Main Issues for 1.0

The dates of the milestones will be given by the Indigo release plan. We will have to define the issues/bugs that will be implemented for each milestone.

Support for XML Schema [2]

Florian will look into it. Maybe we get a contribution or feedback from NS Gopikrishnan [3]

Display of Images [4]

Igor will work on it.

Editing of Tables

We will collect ideas in the DRAFT Plan

Overview of Supported CSS

Holger will work on this. The list of supported CSS properties has to be extracted from the codebase. This list should contain links to the corresponding part of the CSS specification [5].

Next Call

2010-07-13, 20:00 CEST

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