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Vex Committer Call 2010-08-17


  • Igor Jacy Lino Campista
  • Dave Carver
  • Florian Thienel
  • Holger Voormann


The [TextGrid Project] is using Vex for several years "in the wild" now. We should intensify the contact with the TextGrid people in order to get valuable input and feedback. Florian will offer Mohamadou Nassourou help with the Vex development tool chain to ease the creation of contributions.

ESE 2010

Unfortunately we were not chosen in the early bird contest. The further work on our short talk will continue after the announcement of the selected talks on 2010-08-30.

Git Workflow

We will use the same workflow as the XQuery incubator project:

  • The existing branch "vex-dev" is the main development branch. Stable features will be integrated into this branch. The CI build runs on this branch.
  • The new branch "vex-release" contains the latest release. If a new version should be released, all relevant changes will be merged into this branch. A new Hudson job will automatically and build the release, a cron job will then automatically publish the build result on
  • For development of new features, we will use feature branches, either only local (for smaller changes) or remote on (for bigger features, e.g. the image support). If the feature is stable, the changes will be merged into "vex-dev". The feature branch will be deleted.
  • Rebasing should only be used for local branches, that were never pushed to a public repository.

Dave will set-up the release branch and the build infrastructure.

Generation of Documentation

The documentation will automatically be generated from our Wiki pages. Dave will set-up the script. (Holger will create a bug with all relevant information.)


In comparison to other WYSIWYG (X)HTML and richtext editors, Vex is generic, lean and provides pure XML

Next Call

2010-08-31, 20:00 CEST

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