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Subversive New and Noteworthy for Neon

Also see the New & Noteworthy for: Mars, Luna, Kepler, Juno, Indigo, Helios, Galileo


Main target of this release is performance optimization and introduction of SVN 1.9 support.

SVN 1.9 support

All the changes in SVN API that aren't regarded as experimental ones were reflected in SVN integration API. These changes are covered by the following tasks: 488472, 485022, 488453, 487220 and 487147. For the exact details please check the following section.

Rework of SVN integration API

The following API calls were added:

  • setConfigurationEventHandler() - set an event handler that will be called every time the configuration is loaded by this client object
  • getConfigurationEventHandler() - returns a reference to the installed configuration event handler
  • vacuum() - recursively vacuum a working copy, removing unnecessary data, including unversioned, externals, unused pristines, ignored and fixing time stamps

The following API calls now accept additional behaviour switches:

  • status()
  • merge()
  • mergeTwo()
  • exportTo()
  • copyLocal()

The following API calls signatures were changed:

  • revert()
  • cleanup()
  • getInfo()
  • streamFileContent()
  • copyLocal()
  • copyRemote()
  • annotate()

The following previously deprecated API calls were removed:

  • mergeStatus()
  • merge() - the ones that were a counterpart to mergeStatus()

Those modifications had no actual impact on the high-level command framework API.

Latest SVN client libraries included

Bugs 485024, 485025, 480040, 480039 and 487147. SVN Kit 1.8.12 supports SVN 1.9 working copy. While the native clients provide full-featured support for SVN 1.9.

Changes in extension points

  • The IOptionProvider interface was changed so that it allows to add configuration options in the future in a way which won't lead to new API changes. All the options now are provided in a uniform way, using the following methods:
    • get() - returns the option's value by its name
    • getString() - returns the option's value which is of the String type (basically it is a wrapper to the "get" call)
    • has() - returns true if the option is set at all
    • is() - returns true if the option is set to true (basically it is a wrapper to the "get" call)
  • The ICommitActionFactory interface now allows integrations to completely manage the comment editor control and so, now it contains few more methods:
    • initCommentManager() - called upon the CommentComposite initialization
    • confirmMessage() - called each time "Ok" button is pressed
    • cancelMessage() - called each time "Cancel" button is pressed
  • The IModifiableCommentDialogPanel interface is now marked as deprecated, since its functions were completely overtook by the more functional ICommentManager interface.

Usability improvements

There were request for new features by community which were solved in this version. Now there is a way to specify a default checkout location which may differ from the workspace location:


This allows you not to select the location manually each time you perform a checkout, in case you do not want to use the workspace location due to some reasons. Also the corresponding path selection control of the Checkout As wizard location page from now on will be enabled by default in order to lessen the amount of the actions required to change the location.


Previously plug-in always ignored derived resources. But it seems sometimes it is useful to place them under source control. So, now we have the option to alter the behaviour:


Also, support form SVN 1.7-1.9 diff options was introduced into the "Create Patch" wizard:



Thanks to the community people's help, there were some major performance improvements including both: CPU and memory usage reduction. For details please check the bugs 489143 and 489649.

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