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Subversive New and Noteworthy for Kepler

Also see the New & Noteworthy for: Juno, Indigo, Helios, Galileo


This release's main goal was plug-in stability improvement and we've fixed more than 60 different issues. On the other hand we've implemented a set of features that should benefit those who uses SVN in their everyday work and those who uses Subversive plug-in in their products.

Latest SVN client libraries included

Bugs 406738 and 406737. There were many issues fixed recently in the SVN support libraries and so, it's reasonable to update Subversive SVN Connectors with the most recent ones.

Win64 platform support

Bug 376317. While installing JavaHL 64-binaries is easy enough task on unix-platform, that is not so for Win64 platform. Now there is a way to install them from the connectors update site or use those of the another distribution (SlikSVN, for example).

Plug-in integration API improvements

Bugs 306806, 400575 and 389933. There were important issues that needed our attention in order to simplify integrating our plug-in into other tools. That's why we've made improvements in the plug-in's integration API. Now there is a an extension point for declaring custom properties, post-commit hook's messages processing API, and the way to flexibly override SVN Core plug-in's configuration options provided by SVN UI or any other plug-in.

Usability improvements

Bug 390467. We've implemented a human-readable numeric ordering of branches' and tags' names which allows to sort them naturally (1.1 -> 1.2 -> ... -> 1.10 instead of 1.1 -> 1.10 -> 1.2 -> ...) in difference to previously used string-based comparision (special thanks to Claudio Weiler and Jörg Thönnes).

Bugs 296239 and 370254. There are some changes to clear misunderstandings on how the resource selection button works in Add/Commit/Replace dialogs, also there is an improvement with the default start and stop revisions of the SVN Annotate function.

Bug 354843. SVN 1.7 API allows to handle post-commit hook's meassages nicely, so now Subversive will display a message, returned by post-commit hook (special thanks to Martin Kutter).

Bug 401612. Also now Subversive strictly follows guidelines on which resource type the property could be set: a file, a folder, both or a revision.

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