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Subversive New and Noteworthy for Luna

Also see the New & Noteworthy for: Kepler, Juno, Indigo, Helios, Galileo


In this release we spent a great deal of effort in order to improve plug-in's stability and usability, but the main point was to rework SVN integration API, introduce SVN 1.8 support and provide access to repository administration API.

SVN 1.8 support

Bugs 416782, 416783, 416784, 416796, 417768 and 423701. SVN 1.8 support is a feature that is widely requested by community, since there are not just some new features were introduced, but the working copy format was made incompatible with the previous one yet again, which in turn breaks your work when you're trying to mix SVN 1.7 and SVN 1.8 clients usage.

Rework of SVN integration API

Since there was a long history of changes in SVN integration API dictated by the changes in SVN functionality, there were inevitably a few of odd things that could make its usage somewhat annoying. So, while working on bug 417768 we've made a lot of changes in order to make SVN API look more uniform, easy to understand and use. What was changed:

  • ISVNConnector.Depth was moved level up and renamed to SVNDepth
  • repository administration-related APIs were moved to the separate interface ISVNManager
  • ISVNConnector.commit now returns revisions of successfull commits through ISVNProgressMonitor
  • in order to make naming conventions uniform, some methods were renamed:
    • doImport -> importTo
    • doExport -> exportTo
    • logEntries -> listHistoryLog
    • info -> getInfo
    • list -> listEntries
    • getProperties -> listProperties
    • getRevisionProperties -> listRevisionProperties
  • some methods were renamed/deleted due to changes in SVN API in order to better reflect their functions:
    • removeProperty and setProperty were replaced with setPropertyLocal and setPropertyRemote
    • remove was split to removeRemote and removeLocal
    • copy was split to copyRemote and copyLocal
    • move was split to moveRemote and moveLocal
    • merge, diff and diffStatus methods that were receiving two different URLs as their arguments were renamed to mergeTwo, diffTwo and diffStatusTwo accordingly.
  • SVNNotification.NodeLock.isKnownStatus was renamed to SVNNotification.NodeLock.isStatusKnown
  • SVNNotification.NodeStatus.isKnownStatus was renamed to SVNNotification.NodeStatus.isStatusKnown
  • SVNNotification.PerformedAction.isActionKnown was renamed to SVNNotification.PerformedAction.isKnownAction

SVN repository management API support

Bug 417769. For a long time we've been using one of repository management functions in order to support UI functionality (see bug 333202). So, is there a reason why we shouldn't provide access to all the other features? Definitely not! Now there is ISVNManager interface which provides support for all the repository management functions.

Latest SVN client libraries included

Bugs 434041, 434042, 430498 and 430499. There were many issues fixed recently in the SVN support libraries and so, it's reasonable to update Subversive SVN Connectors with the most recent ones.

Usability improvements

Bug 419850. Since SVN provides versioning not just for the data in files but for the directory structure itself too, there is such a state as "replaced file" - it happens when you not just change the file content, but replace it as a whole. It is nice to know that a replacement took place, but it may be not so nice when you understand that you wanted to to change the file content by overwriting it, but instead lost the history of all the changes of the original file. So, while it is important to preserve SVN functionality there are some usability issues that should be solved and it is the reason why we've implemented the "Treat replacement as Edit" option which is present in commit dialog and preferences and allows you to override the default SVN behaviour.

Bug 427577. We've always concentrated on protecting users from entering invalid data were it is possible, so that there won't be any misunderstanding on how the SVN works and so on. But there are always exceptions from the general rule. Many users have found a way to benefit from a little missuse of svn:ignore property. When you're using an invalid character at the start of the line the whole line is ignored by SVN client and so, you may use it as a comment. That is why we've added the option "Allow svn:ignore's mask validation".

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