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Subversive New and Noteworthy for Helios

Also see the New & Noteworthy for: Galileo

Connectors Discovery feature

Bug 280889. Subversive's Connector Discovery feature makes the process of finding and installing SVN Connectors much faster and easier than it was in versions before 0.7.8.I20090808-1900, when the installation process went like this:

  • Install Subversive from 2 different update sites: one for SVN Team Provider and another for SVN Connectors
  • There were many combinations for installing Subversive and SVN Connectors, and some of these combinations were not compatible

The Connector Discovery feature greatly simplifies the things. Now you can install only Subversive SVN Team Provider. The next time Eclipse starts, on the first call to any Subversive functionality the Connector Discovery feature will detect that there are no connectors installed and will launch a dialog which displays the SVN Connectors you need and enables download and installation:

Connectors discovery.png

List all locked files in a project

Bug 279602. Add SVN Locks view which shows SVN locks and provides corresponding actions such as Lock, Unlock, Break Lock.

Lock view.png

Use Equinox secure storage

Bug 295079. As authorization database is superseded by the Equinox secure storage, store secure data in Secure Storage. It was deleted obsolete Password Management page in SVN preferences, instead of it you can manage the list of passwords that have been saved via Secure Storage preference page. On first running of Subversive with Secure Storage support, secure data is automatically migrated from Authorization database, so you don't need to reenter it manually.

Secure storage.png

Add dialog for creating external resource

Bug 288139. This dialog provides an ability to set external definition information to be added to a svn:externals property of the selected resource. It adds ability to make relative urls.

Set external dialog.png

Correctly support externals in actions

Bug 290386. Handle resources in external definitions as normal resources, especially it concerns to complex cases of defining externals, e.g. in commit, revert actions, decoration, Synchronize view.

Add ability to specify comments for revision links

Bug 292280. When you add revision link there's ability to specify comment for it; revision link can also be modified(revision and comment). It was changed a little revision links presentation. For instance, you can use revision links when switching between trunk and branches by saving revision.

Revision link.png

Extend SVN Info properties

Bug 293016. Separate text and properties status. Previously there was only State property, but it wasn't possible to know from it what exactly and how was modified content or property, e.g. they can be modified at the same time. Add other properties, e.g. Copied etc.


Add Revision Graph

Bug 211253. SVN Revision Graph is a graphical representation of history for any resource. Using Revision Graph we can see a resource history with copy operation, applied for this resource. Represented information includes information about branches and tags for resource, so it allows to see a revision history for a resource and all its branches and tags. It's a main advantage of the Revision Graph over a History View, because History View is able to display only a history for resource, but not its copies. As the result Revision Graph is very useful in case if branches and tags are used, so users can see the whole picture of resource changes together with all branches and tags, where it was used on the one screen.

Revision Graph features:

  • Displaying of the revision graph for resource
  • Switching between compact and full data representation (In compact view revision with no copy operations are filtered out. Full data representation displays all revisions)
  • Supported actions for displayed revisions: compare revisions, show content, export content, display history and other operations, available for History View (the same list of actions is available in the revision Graph)
  • Graph zooming and thubnailing in Outline view
  • Expanding/collapsing revisions

This is how SVN Revision Graph looks like:

Revision graph.png

Add preferences for Revision Graph on which you can manage repository caches. You can also specify a directory where repository caches are stored. By default repository caches are stored in workspace's metadata.

This is how Revision Graph properties page looks like:

Pref graph.png

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