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Subversive New and Noteworthy for Indigo

Also see the New & Noteworthy for: Helios, Galileo


Subversive for Indigo does not have many new features, instead we concentrated on plug-in stability and fixed a lot of different issues piled up in the project development time. Still there are some interesting moments that could benefit your work with SVN.

Latest SVN client libraries included

Bugs 326829 and 334452. There were many issues fixed recently in the SVN support libraries and so, it's reasonable to update Subversive SVN Connectors with the most recent ones. Although latest SVN client libraries does not only contain a lots of bug fixes, but also in case of SVN Kit client library there is a way to improve Subversive functionality too: recent SVN Kit version allows creation of an FSFS repositories.

Repository creation with SVN Kit

Bug 333202. SVN Kit 1.3.5 allows creation of FSFS repositories and so, now this feature could be used not with the native connectors only, but with the pure Java connector too. When you use recent SVN Kit version you have access to the repository creation feature with the FSFS option available:


Ignoring incoming changes in the Synchronize View

Bug 297821. There are times when you just want to reject incoming changes for whatever the reason is. For example when there was quick fix commited for some issue and you have a better solution which does not need any changes in the code which was modified by quick fix. So, what should you do in that case? Is there any other way except making a fake conflict? Well, now there is! Just use 'Mark as merged' action over the unneeded incoming change and you will get your wish granted:


Use Mylyn-based facilities to report issues and feature requests

Bug 229495. There were times when we used our own proprietary bug and feature request reporting facilities and that required placing our menu item in a non-desired place - Help menu. And now we have this feature we integrated with, provided by the Mylyn project:


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