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STP Telephone Conference

We're having a regular STP telco via Skype. If you are interested to participate, just say so in a mail to the dev ml or ping Jerry Preissler (Skype: jerry.preissler) with your Skype ID so you can be included in the telco.

The calendar is available in the following formats: ICal,ATOM News Feed,HTML

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

First meeting, agenda is posted below. Up until the date of the meeting, feel free to add items to the table for discussion.

Meeting Date & Agenda Minutes
STP Agenda for November 28th 2008 Minutes
STP Telco for December 12th 2008 (no agenda prepared) Minutes
STP Agenda for January 9th 2009 Minutes
STP Telco for January 23rd 2009 (no agenda prepared) Minutes
STP Agenda for February 6th 2009 Minutes
STP Agenda for February 20th 2009 Minutes
STP Agenda for March 6th 2009 Minutes
STP Agenda for April 17th (no agenda proposed) Minutes

STP Face to Face

These usually happen only at Eclipse-directed conferences, or unless we can find enough money down the back of the sofa to get on a plane or two.

STP Face-to-Face ESE 08

STP Face-to-Face ESE 09




IRC Details #eclipse-stp

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