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< STP | Meetings

Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Stéphane, Vincent, Florian, Antoine, Marc, Jerry

Minutes: Jerry

Policy Editor

  • A GUI walkthrough with the User Interface Best Practices Working Group was conducted. As a result, the GUI will be reworked to merge the two editor components (keeping a seperate details editor as an option). It also will be investigated if the Look & Feel can be changed to adapt the WTP XML Schema Editor.
  • A first draft of the project proposal for the Policy Editor sub-project has been posted to the dev list. Everyone is invited to provide feedback. OBEO agreed to be added as an interested party to the proposal

JWT Release

Florian gave a short overview of the recent release 0.5.0 of the JWT Project

BPMN modeler build scripts

Antoine gave a short overview of the build system. Anyone interested should check out his mails on the dev ml on the subject. He explained that the build uses Ruby to run, with a building tool named Buildr, that was having issues to be installed due to incompatibilities of one of its dependencies named RJB (Ruby Java Bridge) with the IBM VM. As a workaroung, he installed JRuby.

EclipseCon SOA Tutorial

It was agreed that work on the contents of the EclipseCon SOA tutorial should start in early January. Every participant agreed to prepare a short list of possible topics and contents by Jan 14th.

STP / JWT collaboration

Marc gave an overview of his proposal for possible use cases and features for a collaboration - see his mail on the topic to the dev ml. Everyone is cordially invited to provide feedback.

Marc also provided information on Open Wide's proposal for a new project to the OW2 consortium.

next telco

It was agreed to skip the next scheduled telco due to the holiday season. The next telco will take as schedule on Jan 9th 2009. We will try a Skype telco again, everyone who wants to participate should provide Jerry (Skype: jerry.preissler) with his Skype ID so the telco can be initiated.

We had some issues with line noise during the call. Everyone is kindly asked to mute his microphone if he is not speaking during the telco.

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