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< STP | Meetings

Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Oisin, Vincent, Andrei, Jerry, Florian

Minutes: Jerry

SOA Tutorial at EclipseCon 2009

Vincent informed us that the deployment of SCA components to Petals will not be included into STP, mainly due to licensing problems with the 3rd party components that are required there. It was agreed to keep the topic on as part of the contents of the tutorial regardless, at least until it becomes clear that we have too much content for the time allocated.

A short reminder for all parties involved in the tutorial: we agreed to prepare a short list of possible topics and contents by Jan 14th. Please send your contribution to the dev-ml so we can consolidate and have some material we can discuss during the next telco.

Build and IP issues regarding Galileo

Oisin gave some information about the builds for Galileo. The M4 build was done on Jan 5th, a public version is coming up. Oisin will add some links to pages that provide information about the build process to these minutes.

As Oisin already informed us via his mail to the dev-ml that Jan 31st is the deadline for IPzilla entries applying to Galileo. Entries entered after that date will only be processed after all entries that were entered in time have been completed, so make sure to file the ones you need in time.

Website update

Jerry noted that the team page on the website is a little bit dated. To fix this we decided to move the page to the wiki and set a redirect from the original page.

Jerry to send a mail to the dev-ml asking all active contributors to provide a short bio and to set up a page in the wiki. Oisin to take care of the redirect from the original page.

Collaboration with JWT

Florian asked all participants to have a second look at the email Marc Dutoo sent in the beginning of December 2008 which includes some thoughts about how the collaboration between STP and JWT (especially through the STP-IM) can be strengthened.

The content of this email was (further thoughts can be found on this wiki page).

  Import / Export SOA:
  The previous use cases rely on STP-IM-managed service definitions. In 
  order to make it as painless as possible the first step of getting its 
  existing service definitions in STP-IM, users should be able to import 
  service definitions from the simplest kind of service definitions (a set 
  of WSDL files, of SCA files, of URLs, or even of Java interfaces...). 
  That can be thought of as migration or wizards stuff and would be useful 
  to both STP and JWT tools, and vice versa : Export SOA as well. Question 
  to STP : does it exist already ?
  Further, the need appears to centralize / unify the use of STP-IM across 
  tools. This culminates in the idea of an STP-IM builder. But before even 
  getting there, it would be nice not to have to select in each tool which 
  STP-IM model is in use to synchronize the tools in use. That could be 
  done by configuring one (or more ?) STP-IM model(s) in use in a common 
  STP-IM Preferences pages.
  Do you agree it is useful ? Does STP have it already ? We at JWT could 
  do work on both parts...

Next telco

The next telco is scheduled for Jan 23rd via Skype. As usual, if you did not participate in the telcos before, please send a mail to the dev-ml or to Jerry with your Skype ID so you can be included.

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