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Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

Rough Notes:

Policy Editor Update

* Refactoring to take place, going to make the XEF more consumable and reusable too
* Extension and integration of the validation framework
* People have been thinking how XEF could be reused to edit Petals XML files
* Integration with SCA editor

IM Update

*  What's the best way to reuse? What requirements for reuse?
*  Construct a builder to construct model in the background so that when one model changes, others are synchronized through the IM


*  Lots of potential collaboration efforts, they can help us, we can help them.
*  Someone needs to run with this - I propose Alain+Adrian.

Alain (PMC):

*  Concerned about visibility in the industry at large
*  Some partners in France, what about others?
*  What's the relationship between STP/SCA?
       Is SCA the *right* standard?
       SCA will need a repository -> this is not standardized yet
      Alain is pushing the SCA model with partners, and user community
*  Is there competition in open source for SCA tools?
*  Alain is keen on the market and business-oriented directions of the project

Etienne (Obeo, SCA Tools):

* Obeo is not a SOA specialist
* We need to push STP to improve the community, grow developer community and extender community
* We need to push STP in other forums, e.g.  Spring community
* We need to be more flexible and open to allow people to extend


* We should package for specific user community, pre-packaged, integrated bundles, not just a big roll-up.
* Keep feature requests in bugzilla so that they are easily searchable and visible
* Use tagging in bugzilla to do 'new and noteworthy'
* We should have more feature 'ownership', meaning responsibility, and driving the feature.
* More communications - Jerry owns telco
* Web needs a refactor - cool if we had templates for the intro pages etc - Oisin to kick this off
* SOAtools blog on eclipse infrastructure not very pretty, not enough control -  create a new one on wordpress.
* Need more orbit committers...

Ideas for new efforts:

* XML tools - this should really be a separate project in its own right
* Repository - needed for team sharing of artifacts
* Registry - we need a discussion on what this means, how we could use, how important
* Incubator - do we need one of these? Separate build track, etc.
* Lots of support for the idea of JBI tools

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