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Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Vincent, Antoine, Renat, Andrei, Jerry

Minutes: Jerry

EclipseCon Tutorial

Proposed Content of the tutorial:

  • Policy Editor
    • Policy Editing
    • Validation Framework
    • Using Policy Editor for own applications
  • Swordfish - Application deployment
  • SCA - Introduce SCA Composite Designer, deployment to Tuscany and Petals
  • maybe interaction between SCA Composite Designer and Policy Editor
  • Introduction of BPMN and BPMN model, maybe some stuff from Antoine's webinar
  • Intermediate Model
  • Roadmap, future plans for STP, Swordfish
  • Proposal regarding the XEF framework

Other issues:

We will ask the Swordfish team to participate in the next telco

Next steps:

  • draft for the tutorial agenda with timeslots (Jerry)
  • abstracts for the agenda points (everyone)

We agreed to concentrate on the tutorial for the time being - this means that work on the build system will be concentrated on after Mach. We will discuss this at the next telco or at a seperate telco if not all people involved can make in 2 weeks.

Information on commits

Vincent suggested in a mail to the dev ml that we should create mailing lists to inform about commits in the sub-projects. Antoine suggested that feeds would be a better way to distribute that information. To be continued on the mailing list.

Next Telco

The next telco will take place on February 6th. Please add any topics to the Agenda and inform Jerry if you want to attend the telco as a new participants. Participants of the last telcos will be added to the list automatically.

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