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Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Vincent, Stéphane, Antoine, Oisin, Jerry

Minutes: Jerry

Build, deadlines, etc

Oisin gave a quick reminder about the upcoming milestone on Feb 11th

We agreed that reminders about upcoming deadlines etc. should be a regular topic for the conf call


SCA: Stéphane can prepare some input, including a practical part. Vincent will do the tutorial

BPMN: take to mailing list

ToDo: add intermediate model, maybe transformation of BPMN model

Agreed to leave abstract on the web page as is, put timetable on the stick

ToDo Jerry: look up deadline and send a reminder to the mailing list (done)

ToDo Jerry: attach template for presentation

Web Site

  • Link to svn repository -> redirect (Oisin)
  • prepare team page in wiki so Oisin can set a redirect (Jerry)
  • There is a new theme out for the Eclipse websites, we agreed to try out, send a mail to the list dev-list so everyone is informed, and we're prepared to drop back to the old theme if problems come up

JWT cooperation

Florian gave a short overview of the current state, some quick notes

  • JWT -> STP IM transformation through IP process
  • Stéphane offered help with the transformation BPMN -> JWT

BPMN editor -> BPMN needs to be augmented, JWT workflow editor offers extension points for adding views that allow adding that data for a specific execution engine

JWT also intends to provide Monitoring -> w.i.p.

Florian agreed to add some links to the diskussion [JWT_and_STP_STPIM|page] so there are some leads if anyone wants to dig deeper.

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