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Remus Information Management
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Remus Information Management is a client application (or a plug-in for your Eclipse IDE) for the management of information with a connection to multitude of data repositories and a desktop-integration for an optimal usage for the offline management, visualization and easy accessibility of information to the user. The biggest efforts are the linking of information throughout different repositories, the offline storage, the clean representation and the fast search through the information.

Remus as Platform

Remus is designed for extending Information Management to your needs. It provides a wide range of interfaces and extension points to plug-in your business code which makes Remus to a business application which fulfills your requirements. The dynamic architecture of the application lets you implement your own business specific information structures and connect them to your own data repositories with minimal efforts. Try Remus and discover the possibilities to improve your business information management.

Getting started

Information units


Tutorial I: Setup Remus for Backlogging
Tutorial II: Eclipse IDE Integration
Tutorial III: Working with Remote repositories


General application layout
Getting started
The desktop panel
Mylyn Integration
User FAQ

Development Resources

Getting the sources
Architecture and Concepts
Developing information types
Developing repository connectors
Contribute to the desktop panel
Hook into the internal notification-mechanism
Show additional information in the viewers
Extend the content-outline
Contribute new Reporting Templates
Contribute Groovy for the Rule Execution
Contribute your own file system
Contribute your own indexer
Contribute your own analyzer
Adding additional editors for an information type

Completed Work

Initial Code Contribution
Elimination of IP Blockers
Replace non EPL compatible icons

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