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Acceleo is a code generator created by Obeo in 2005. Acceleo 3 is a pragmatic implementation of the OMG Model-to-text specification. It supports the developer with most of the features that can be expected from a top quality code generator IDE: simple syntax, efficient code generation, advanced tooling, features on par with the JDT ... Acceleo also has a unique tooling around example-based design of code generators.

Project Information

Acceleo is on Ohloh, thus you can access information about the commits, projects news, code metrics... directly on its page.

New & Noteworthy

Check the New And Noteworthy page for information on notable evolutions for each version.

Release Review

Check the Release Review page for information on the release review for each version.

API Policy

Check the API Policy page for information about Acceleo code aspects : what is considered API, how is API maintained...

Retention Policy

Check the Retention Policy page for information about the code and build retention policy applied on Acceleo.


For Acceleo 3.3.0, the roadmap will contain several features wanted by the community (some of them are coming from the wishlish) and of course bug fixes.

Acceleo 3.3.0

/!\ coming soon /!\


In the Acceleo wishlist page, you can find a list of features that have be requested for Acceleo and that are for now not in the roadmap. As such, those features may appear on day in Acceleo but they are not the priority. In someone want to contribute to Acceleo, realizing one of those features is a great start.

Acceleo Portal
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User documentation Getting Started · User Guide · Acceleo operations reference · OCL operations reference · Text Production Rules · Migration From Acceleo 2.x · Best Practices · Videos · FAQ
Developer documentation Source code · How to contribute · Compatibility · MOFM2T specification · OCL specification
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