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Acceleo/Acceleo Editor

The Acceleo editor

The Acceleo editor is the center of the Acceleo tooling. It is associated with Acceleo source files (.mtl files) and provides all the features of a modern programming editor to make you more productive when developing code generation modules.

Syntax highlighting

The Acceleo editor with the syntax highlighting.

Smart completion

The smart completion system in the Acceleo editor.

Navigation to definitions and references

Hyperlinks in the Acceleo editor.

Hyperlinks in the Acceleo editor are available in order to navigate quickly to definitions of model elements and operations.

Errors detection

Error detection in the Acceleo editor.

Quick fixes

Quick fixes in the Acceleo editor.

Warning and informations support

Warnings, TODO and FIXME in Acceleo 3.1

Dynamic outline

The dynamic outline.

Quick outline

The quick outline in the Acceleo editor.

Code folding

Code folding in the Acceleo editor.

Code templates

Code templates in the Acceleo editor.

Customizable code templates

For more information on customizable code templates, see the Generation Pattern view.

Documentation hover

Documentation hover in the Acceleo editor.

Visible whitespace characters

Visible whitespaces that will be generated can be seen in the Acceleo editor.

Search of occurrences

Occurrences search.


Acceleo contains several refactoring process in order to help the user to edit its Acceleo modules.


Renaming refactoring in Acceleo.

The "rename" refactoring allows the user to rename a module, a template, a query or a variable and each of its occurrences in the workspace.

Extract template

The "extract as template" operation allows the user to create a new template from a simple text selection.

Extract query

The "extract as query" operation allows the user to create a new query from a simple text selection.

Pull up

Refactoring pull up.

The "pull up" operation allows the user to pull some templates or queries into another module and have all the inheritance links plugged.

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