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            "Available in Acceleo"
"Partially available" or "can be improved"
"Not available" (see the Wishlist)

List of features in Acceleo 3.2

All the "green" features are linking to the documentation or a screenshot describing the feature in question, the "blue" ones and the "red" ones are linking to the wishlist in which you can find a description of the feature.

Features in Acceleo 3.2
Syntax highlighting Completion Code folding Compiler Refactoring (extract template)
Customizable code templates Open declaration Profiler Debugger Refactoring (rename)
Generation engine Outline Stand alone runtime Errors detection Refactoring (extract query)
Documentation support Hover Quick fixes Traceability Refactoring (pull up)
Visible whitespace characters Quick outline Search occurrences Testing framework Incremental Generation
Quick type hierarchy Call hierarchy view Warnings Ant support Maven support
Declaration view Advanced Java Integration Classpath container Checkstyle support Camel case support
Distributed parsing BIRT integration Cheat sheet Documentation generation Profiling data gprof export

Acceleo Portal
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