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Acceleo/Source Code

Checking out the Acceleo source code

With the release of Acceleo 3.1 Indigo, the Acceleo source code has been transferred from CVS to Git. As a result, you can find here the new process to download the Acceleo source code.

You can have a look at the Acceleo source code from the Git dashboard for Acceleo.

The Acceleo repository.

In order to get the Acceleo source code, you need to use Git with the following configuration:

Then you can grab the Acceleo source code from the repository.

Acceleo repository

Organization of the branches

  • master contains the source code of the trunk of Acceleo
  • R3_2_maintenance contains the source code of the Acceleo 3.2.x releases
  • R3_1_maintenance contains the source code of the Acceleo 3.1.x releases
  • R3_0_maintenance contains the source code of the Acceleo 3.0.x releases
  • R0_8_maintenance contains the source code of the Acceleo 0.8.x releases (not maintained anymore)

Organization of the folder in the repository

  • benchmark contains the projects used for a benchmark between Acceleo 2, Acceleo 3 and xText
  • doc contains the Acceleo documentation plugin
  • examples contains the Acceleo exaamples plugins
  • features contains the features necessary to build Acceleo
  • maven contains some experimental work for maven integration
  • plugins contains the complete source code of Acceleo
  • releng contains the releng project used to build Acceleo
  • tests contains the unit tests plugins.

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