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Acceleo can be downloaded and installed in a number of ways. If you have an existing Eclipse installation and simply wish to install Acceleo in it, installing through the update site is the easiest way. If you'd rather install a new Eclipse with Acceleo, you may want to take a look at the facilities provided by the amalgamation project.

For those of you that need to retrieve the zips of Acceleo, you can look at the latest releases.

Note that whatever the installation procedure you choose, examples are available from the menu right-click => New => Examples => Acceleo Plug-ins.

Amalgamation project

  1. Download the latest EPP modeling bundle
  2. Open the discovery UI
  3. Select Acceleo and "Finish" the wizard

Update site

The easiest (and quickest) way of installing Acceleo is to use one of the update-sites.

Updates for the latest release (3.7) :

Installation Procedure

  1. Install your preferred Eclipse distribution from the Eclipse download page.
  2. Go to Help => Install New Software...
    Install Acceleo 1.png
  3. In the upper part, click Add and type in the location of the update site (latest release :
  4. Select this new update site in the combo box and tick Acceleo in the lower panel, such as shown below.
    Install Acceleo 2.png
  5. Click Finish, read and accept the Eclipse Public License, and watch Acceleo install itself along with its dependencies.

Update site URLs

There are a number of update sites for Acceleo. Release builds are the most stable builds. Milestone builds are the release candidates for each version. Nightlies are build you should use at your own risks. Nightly builds for previous versions of Acceleo may be deleted after the release.

Acceleo 3.7

Acceleo 3.6

Acceleo 3.5

Acceleo 3.4

Acceleo 3.2

Acceleo 3.1

Acceleo 3.0

latest Acceleo

The latest versions of Acceleo are the 3.x stream builds. Check them out on the project's download page.

Acceleo Portal
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