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WTP 2008-12-18

WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Konstantin Y
Nitin Y
Kathy Y
Kaloyan Y
Raghu Y
Neil Y
David Y
Helen Y
Bob Y
Carl Y
Dave Y
Kate Y
Angel Y
Valentin Y
Nick Y
Chris Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

actions from 12/11 meeting: All DONE

  1. fix calendar to remove meeting on 25th and 1st. We'll have one more meeting this year (18th) then next will be on 1/8/2009. [done]
  2. fix or update notification mailing lists (bug 258537)
  3. Nitin to fix JSDT feature and plugin problems in 3.0.4 builds (since preventing "green" build).Checkmark.gif
  • 12/18
Carl: once moved to Java SR6 on 304 - builds are still red
David: will backout SR6
Raghu: will continue working on the issue

WTP Calendar

WTP 3.0.4

3.0.4 Schedule

Jan 9 - M build
Jan 23 - M build
Jan 30 - RC1
All changes after Jan 30 require PMC approval (1 vote) (Official Ganymede RC1 date is Feb 4, we are declaring early)
Feb 6 - RC2 All changes after Feb 6 require PMC approval (2 votes) (Official Ganymede RC2 date is Feb 11, we are declaring early)
Feb 13 - final build
Feb 18 - 3.0.4 GA

WTP 3.1


WTP 3.1 Project Plan


Adjusted schedule, based on Platform's proposed schedule.

Normally, our milestone are one week after the Platform's delivery. Exceptions noted below.

3.0.1 Early Maintenance Release Aug 15
M1 -> Aug 22 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release)
3.0.2 Coordinated Maintenance Release Sep 24
M2 -> Sept 26 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release) (updated)
M3 -> Nov 7 (short milestone, since "making up" for added week above)
3.0.3 Early Maintenance Release Nov 14
M4 -> Dec 19
M5 -> Feb 6
3.0.4 Coordinated Maintenance Release Feb 25
(EclipseCon March 23-27)
M6 -> Mar 20 Feature Complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze, NLS, Accessibility
M7 -> May 8 Performance tuning, documentation, bug fixing
RC1 -> May 22 Serious bugs only, focus on stability.
RC2 -> May 29 WTP will likely not participate in an RC2, based on feedback from last year that RC2 came too soon, needed more fixing, less testing
RC3 -> Jun 5 Very serious bugs only.
RC4 -> Jun 12 Very very serious bugs only.
RC5 -> Jun 19 Hopefully no changes from RC4. Prepare web pages, update sites, etc.
GA -> Jun 24

Build & Smoketest

  • Build
  • Junit
  • Smoketest
  • M4 Functional Test next week (Dec 13 - Dec 19), M4 declaration on 12/19
Please update M4 Testplan for next week
Please fill in the M4 New and Noteworthy before 12/18's status call

Bug List for 3.1


Blockers & Criticals (~7)
3.1M4 & 2.1M4 enhancements (~0)
3.1M4 & 2.1M4 targeted bugs (~0)


Invalid 3.1 & 2.1 enhancements (~0)
Invalid 3.1 & 2.1 targeted bugs (~0)
3.1 & 2.1 enhancements (~118)
3.1 & 2.1 targeted bugs (~360)
In tabular form:
Current 3.1 & 2.1 targeted bugs (~360)
3.1 & 2.1 hotbugs (~0)

  • Minutes:
M4 declaration is tomorrow
critical & blockers
258423: Nitin is looking to it, not for M4
257823: Angel: will will be needed for M4, fixinhand, will release soon, and only server team will retest
258742: will need to talk to Tim, currently still planning for M4
David: feel free to test it and release, full complete fix can be delivered later
Neil: JPT bug 259198 is now released, not affecting testing of other teams
David: Galileo M4 discovery site need to be produced for all project, if anything needs to be changed, will post note to releng


Respin currently with JPT fix, only JPT team need to retest
Respin needed for the 2 server fixes 257823 & 258742, only server need to retest
Test to complete by 3pm EST tomorrow
New and Noteworthy to complete by 3pm EST tomorrow, Nitin will remove components with no information

Dali 2.1

  • Releasing tomorrow 12/19
  • New and Noteworthy?
  • Minutes:
Neil: Have been testing on the update site, found 1 feature version dependency issue affecting one of the update site scenarios, the same bug that was released for M4 and 2.1, all other update site tests are fine. All other function testing are good, will go ahead with the release tomorrow. Will put together a new note and worthy, everything are the same with the 3 milestones for 3.1
David: testing the update locally?
Neil: if you could upload the latest 2.1 bit on the site?
David: Do you have a build currently ready?
Neil: need to wait for the new one, latest one with the change had a DNF Junit, new build should be available before 3pm. Thanks!

Other business

  • 3.0.3 Change in Behavior.
Carl's note to wtp-dev
Any discussion now?
  • Minutes:
Kaloyan: Has anyone heard anything from the JBoss team on this?
David: yes had a couple of email exchanges. They recognize might be the best course of action even though may not like it, clarification needed should they expect any problems with the workaround posted in the bug. Haven't heard of any other adopters respond to Carl's note, no known cases that affects anyone else
Kathy: Has anyone noticed the really slow startup of eclipse?
Neil, Valentin, David: yes
David; will open bug to platform, suspect p2 issue with increasing # of plugins to load

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Performance Team

The minutes of the meetings are posted. Next meeting is next Monday same time. See details on the wiki page: WTP Performance Tests

Source Editing

  • Ongoing triaging of incoming bug reports
  • Planning M5 and working on 3.0.4

Server Tools

Web Services/WSDL

  1. Ongoing triage of incoming and existing bugs.
  2. Fixing and verifying bugs.

Java EE

JEE Status Meetings

Dali JPT

  • JPT 2.0
    • Working on:
      • EclipseLink support
      • Bugs for M7
      • Performance


  • Feature exceptions
  • Bug Fixes


  • triage/planning


In general, the minimum requirement is that if you branch a plug-in, you need to branch all the plug-ins in the corresponding map file. This is to make it easier for others to know what to load, to "be current" in a maintenance branch. It is fine to branch everything in a sub-project if you choose to, but still need to correspond to what's in a map file, and the map file should be updated to explain what it's used for. Map files can be re-organized some, if that helps make it easier to organize and understand what teams are working on what.
The names for branches should follow the pattern of 'R3_0_maintenance'. This will be the name for all 3.0.x maintenance work (not just the first, 3.0.1 maintenance work). Note that JSF and JPA code may use R2_0_maintenance, but their map files, will still be branched using R3_0_maintenance.
  • Instructions for tagging existing and new WTP wiki pages can be found at WTP's Category page; remember, we can create subcategories as well
  • This Week's Smoke Test Results
WTP Smoke Test Results R30
Information about process for milestone bugzilla line item planning has been added to the WTP Bugs, Workflow, and Conventions document.
PMC Candidate Review Request Checklist - See the updated PMC Review document with attention to the "How To Prepare a PMC Defect Candidate" section
Adopter Migration Information for WTP 2.0 - Please add any details for your component.
  • Website
Documentation on Setting up your system for Web Tools Web site development and Using Web Tools Phoenix PHP templates is on the wiki at Web Tools Web Site Development.
  • Bug Day
Monitor and participate in Bug Day if you would like.
Mark any applicable bugs with keyword "bugday", but only if you'll have a representative on hand to respond through Bugzilla or in IRC
Current WTP Bug Day bugs (~53)

Project Meta data, for Project leads, especially, see "information about ..." from your subproject web page left nav bar.
Go to Foundation Portal
Login with committer ID
Click on "[maintain] Project Info meta-data"
Changes coming to IP Log management (more automated, but more for Project Leads to do?): See Development Resources/Automatic IP Log

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