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WTP 3.1 Project Plan

This is the home page for information on the planning for the Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project 3.1 release.

Planning Process

The Eclipse Board has mandated that all top-level projects should keep their project plan in a standard format. See, Development_Resources/Project_Plan for details. The following process is to help automate as much of the plan as possible.

  • We will use Bugzilla to track the features. Use the 'plan' keyword to submit feature requests for this release.
  • Project leads will triage these requests. A feature request will have the following stages in a release:
Proposed These are features that the Project Lead has triaged for the release. These are items that are either being investigated or items that the project would like to explore but are not yet Committed. Most of the features should start as proposed items. After a review and some amount of detailed planning, their status will either become committed or deferred.
The Project Lead will set the Target Milestone field of the bug to 3.1 (2.1 for JPT).
Committed These are features that project team is definitely going to address in the release. Resources and some amount of detailed plans have been identified for such items.
The Project Lead will set the Target Milestone field of the bug to the specific milestones in which it will be available.
Deferred These are valid features that started in a Proposed state but will not be addressed in this release. Each such item will have a brief note explaining the cause for the deferral.
The Project Lead will set the Target Milestone field of the bug to Future
  • The PMC and the Project Leads will identify Themes for this release. If applicable, feature requests can be linked to a theme. Use the Status Whitboard field in the bugzilla to associate a feature with a theme. For example, if you would like to associate a feature with the theme, Ease of Use, add EaseOfUse to the Whiteboard field. Plan items that have no themes will appear in the Other category.
  • Project leads should update the projectplanurl field for their subproject from the Eclipse Portal as described in the Project Metadata wiki.

Project Plans

Summary Bugzilla Queries

The following table shows all 'plan' (keyword) items for all targets and components.

Plan Summary Table

The following table shows all items targeted for WTP 3.1 that are not plan items, per se.

WTP 3.1 Targeted bugs

Triage bugzilla for candidate items to target to 3.1

As planning progresses, we will expect these types of bugs (major, or ones with many votes) to become less and less in number.


Planning Roadmap
Due Date Task Description Owner Status
August 29, 2008 First iteration of themes and features planned for the release PMC and Project Leads Checkmark.gif
September 26, 2008 PMC Review and Publish draft plan in the standard format PMC Checkmark.gif
October 24, 2008 PMC Review and Publish the plan document for the Planning Council PMC Checkmark.gif
Update plan to reflect committed tasks for milestone WTP Project Leads Checkmark.gif

Task completed = Checkmark.gif

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