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Web Tools Web Site Development Setup

Web Site Development Setup

System setup

Another way to create a Virtual Host is to open the "httpd.conf" file, scroll to the bottom and add the following section:

    DocumentRoot [workspace_location]

<Directory "[workspace_location]">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks 
    AllowOverride None 
    Order allow,deny 
    Allow from all 

Replace [workspace_location] with the path to your Eclipse workspace. Restart Apache after any changes to the "http.conf" file. You don't have to use 8008 but be careful with the port you use to avoid port conflicts with things like application servers. This differs from the Configuring Eclipse with PHPEclipse instructions in that you don't have to edit the hosts file. To access a web page use a URL such as

  • If necessary, make the following changes to your php.ini file:
< short_open_tag = Off 
> short_open_tag = On 
< extension_dir = "./" 
> extension_dir = "./ext" 
< ;extension=php_xsl.dll 
> extension=php_xsl.dll 

This enables short tags and turns on xslt processing.

Get the PHP development tools

Get the PHP development tools by one of the following means:

Check out the files

  • Fire up your PHP enabled Eclipse
  • Create a workspace at the [workspace_location] used when you set up your virtual host.
  • Use the CVS repository tools to check out the required projects
    • Get your favorite beverage
    • Check out the following projects:
      • www/webtools
      • www/images
      • www/
    • Enjoy said beverage while you wait for the check out to complete. Sip slowly.
  • Any files you need at the top level, such as default_style.css and nav_style.css, you will need to get and copy into your workspace manually. They will not show up in Eclipse since they are one level up from the projects we created.

Test the installation

Simple debugging

  • Look at the end of [apache-install-dir]/logs/error.log when you get a blank PHP page to see the error.

Go for it

  • Use the PHP tools
  • Submit patches or do your own checkins
  • Have fun!
  • Thanks for the help

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