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Papyrus-RT/Releases/Neon v0.9 Release Notes


Neon v0.9 Release Notes

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What have we done!

Well, we tried to make Papyrus-RT better, stronger, faster - we have the technology!

  • We had most of the structural hierarchy done, and we still tweaked it! Hope you like it (if you notice...)!
  • The whole aspect of hierarchical state machines was a PITA, but we got through and it is a lot better ( can't be worse since it was not in the tool before). That included:
    • Substate creation, including entry/exit points
    • Navigation in and out of composite states
    • Tweaks on various visual aspects (try to guess where...)
    • And, of course, updates to the code generator to handle all this
  • Inheritance was also a barrel of monkeys poisonous snakes laughs! We had so much fun we almost had to have some committers committed! And we did manage to get something out. You can now play with capsule inheritance, protocol inheritance, and state machine inheritance (just be careful with your own...).
  • I am sure that, just like us, you like to play together. So of course, we updated the compare/merge capabilities to reflect the changes we have made. You can feel better about sharing your models. You're welcome!
  • We know that there are many complex aspects to UML-RT, so we have updated many aspects of the tool to make your modeling activities easier, e.g.,
    • Improved model creation by providing pre-configured templates.
    • Updated the properties view to make the options clearer, less complicated, and more usable.
    • First implementation of a code snippet view
    • Improved undo/redo capabilities
    • Improved interactions with the model explorer and better representations of UML-RT elements
    • Much improved properties view so that it's easier to modify UML-RT elements
  • Plus, we got all the improvements from the Papyrus Neon.3 release!


In fact, we are happy enough with this release that we believe the quality is at a point where we can formally support early access to users outside of the development team (and a lucky fee select early supporters)!

As such, we will be using it as an official Papyrus-RT beta release! Let us know in know if you are interested by sending a tweet (@PapyrusUML), using the forum, calling us, sending smoke signals!

Known Issues

Path Names
The long-standing pathname issue when installing in deeply nested directories in Windows appears to still be an issue with the Windows installation. If you get errors extracting the RCP archive or running Papyrus-RT, consider installing in a directory closer to the root of your system!

And yes, of course, we are painfully aware that there are still issues with the tool. A list of known issues is provided listed below... And if you join the beta, you can add more!

Note that the descriptions of the known issues, below, are summarised from the corresponding bug discussion.

Bugs are listed from most recent to oldest, with bugs found post-released indicated with a leading "NEW" tag.

Updated Bug 514431 - Popup-menus do not work with Windows 10 Touch enabled
Description: On Windows 10 systems with the display's touch interaction enabled, the pop-up menus for selection of existing or new types in the creation of Capsule ports and parts do not respond to user input. Selection of an item in these pop-up menus has no effect and the new element is not created.
Work-around: Disable the touch display. In some cases, this may also require a system re-start or logging out and in again in Windows.
NEW Fixed: The GMF team has published a service release following the Neon.3 general release, which includes a fix for this problem. You can update your installation from the GMF Run-time Releases p2 repository to use Papyrus-RT and touch applications.
NEW Bug 514192 - Target Platform for Neon has incorrect version for extras
Description: The default target platform used when doing a mvn clean verify on a checkout of the 0.9 release tag includes only the Neon.2 release of Papyrus, not the Neon.3 that is actually required.
Work-around: Select the latest milestones of Neon dependencies, which are the ones that became the Neon.3 release, using a system property:
mvn -Dpapyrus.kind=papyrusmilestone clean verify
Bug 513808 - Code generation error related to connector between internal behavior port and inherited port
Description: A code generator error gets generated for the case of connector between an internal behavior port and an inherited port on a capsule part, i.e. the capsule part is typed by a subclass capsule which inherits an external behavior port from its superclass capsule.
Bug 512895 = Copy-paste of Port in structure diagram behaves inconsistently
Description: Copying an pasting a port in a capsule diagram to create a new port does not display the newly created port.
Bug 487356 - Code generation fails on "pass-through" connectors
Description: The code generator has some problem correctly interpreting the model with delegation vs. assembly clear. Most of this now works correctly except that a test case failure is preventing the release of the solution in the 0.9 release.
Note: This bug contains good information about the pass-through pattern and its ports and connectors that has been summarised in the UML-RT section of the wiki
Bug 512295 - Make it possible to convert a composite state back to a simple state
Description: After double clicking on a state in a capsule state machine to convert it into a composite state, it is not possible for a user to convert that composite state back into a simple state.
Bug 512279 - Direct editor for a state does not finish edit when pressing enter
Description: When using the direct editor for a state in a state-machine diagram, either directly after creating the state, or selecting the state in the diagram and pressing F2, and pressing the enter key to finish editing the name, moves the cursor to the next line and does not finish the editing as expected.
Steps to reproduce:
# Create a UML-RT model based on the "UML-RT for C++" template
# Create a capsule
# Create a state-machine for the capsule
# Open the state-machine diagram
# Add a new state using the state tool from the palette
# The direct editor is not activated
# Start typing a new name and press enter
# The edit box is now increased with a new line and the cursor is placed on the new line
# Expected result would have been to simply finish the naming of the state, similar to how it is done for choice point and other pseudo-states.
Bug 511758 - Closing a newly opened diagram causes the user to lose navigation/context
Description: If you close a newly opened diagram, e.g. after double clicking on a capsule part to navigate to the structure diagram of the capsule typing the capsule part, or double clicking a composite state to open the state diagram of that composite state, then the previous open diagram is not in focus, but instead the new welcome tab is opened instead.
Steps to reproduce:
# Create a UML-RT model
# Create two capsules in this model
# Open the structure diagram of the first capsule
# Drag-and-drop the second capsule on the diagram of the first to create a capsule part
# Double-click on the capsule part to open the structure diagram of the second capsule
# Now close the newly opened structure diagram of the second capsule by using the red x on the diagram tab at the botton of the model editor
# Actual result: The welcome page is now displayed
# Expected result: The structure diagram of the first capsule, i.e. the previous open diagram, should be displayed. This is especially important if the user have lots of diagrams open.
The same is applicable for the case when double-clicking a composite state to open its diagram.

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Closed Bugs

There were 147 bugs closed as part of this release. That's too many to list here!

So I'll be lazy and just give you a link to the complete list of closed bug in Papyrus-RT 0.9.

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