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JAX-WS Tools Component

Welcome to the JAX-WS Tools wiki. The JAX-WS Tools component is a member of the Web Tools Platform Web Services sub-project. The goal of the component is to construct frameworks for the development of Eclipse-based tools for JAX-WS development of Web Services and to provide an example of how to use the frameworks.

The JAX-WS component code is based upon the rich framework set that is offered by the Web Tools Platform and will extend it where necessary.

JAX-WS is a standardized set of extensions for Java to allow the construction of Java-based Web services using both POJO and WSDL interface approaches. It was developed to supersede the older JAX-RPC standard. See The JAX-WS FAQ for more details, or you can go the whole hog and download the JSR224 spec.

For our exemplar implementation, we're using Apache CXF, which is a top-notch implementation of the JAX-WS and other WS-* standards. There are other runtimes that support JAX-WS programming, such as Metro from SUN, and Apache Axis. If you are using one of those, and need the tools, we'll welcome any patches you might have for us!

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JAX-WS Tools
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Getting Started

  • Our updates are available from the WTP Milestone update site
  • You can download runtime or SDK builds (see Builds section opposite). The easiest way to check out the latest code is to use this Team Project Set file. Just save the file, then, in the IDE, do File > Import > Team > Team Project Set and browse for the file where you have saved it. Eclipse will toddle off and check out the code, perhaps after asking you about re-using some of your existing Team repository settings.
  • The JAX-WS plug-ins have dependencies on the javax.jws,, javax.xml.bind,, javax.wsdl, and org.jdom bundles. These bundles are included in both the Runtime and SDK downloads.
  • Check out the News, Articles and Events section for information on how to use and extend the tools. The videos are good, even though they are silent movies!
  • Check out our Milestone Plan


  • Now available in the WTP (since version 3.2.0) Downloads Page.
  • Continue to watch this page, or subscribe to Oisin's blog, for updates.
  • Are you using the JAX-WS Tools in your product, or in your own Eclipse distribution? Let us know on the Adopters page.

Getting Involved

  • First - keep in touch! For questions on using the tools you can use the (newsgroup) and you can also reach us on the wtp devlist (archive here).
  • Second - check out the code and try it out.
  • Third - try something out, and write it up. Was there something interesting that you did with the code, or something that you thought cleared up some ambiguities in the documentation or other material? Let us know, and we'll link to it from here.
  • Fourth - we're always looking for help with our Bugzilla queue. Fixing bugs is the best way to get familiar with new code.
  • Fifth - assist with the weekly Smoke Tests helping to ensure build integrity.
  • Sixth - is there something missing? Maybe you use Axis and you'd like to have a way to use that runtime. Create a Bugzilla and submit a patch. We love the patches.

News, Articles & Events

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