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JAXWS Tools Project Milestone Plan

Graduation Plan

  • Graduation target date is 10 March 2010, which is two days before the Helios M6 API Freeze.
  • JAX-WS M2-M3 period will be for documentation, tuning and testing of APIs.
  • JAX-WS M3 build will be for consumer review and feedback of APIs. M5 - M6 will be finalization.
  • JAX-WS will appear in WTP builds from M3 onward

WTP M5 milestone 6th Feb 2009

WTP M6 milestone 18th Mar 2009

WTP M7 milestone 5th May 2009

  • Bug fixing.

WTP 3.1.1 M 14th Aug 2009

  • More Validation Rules, Content Assist, JAX-WS Quick Fixes.

WTP 3.1.1 M 11th Sep 2009

  • Documentation and Bug Fixes.

WTP 3.2 M3 6th Nov 2009

WTP 3.2 M4 11th Dec 2009

WTP 3.2 M5 29th Jan 2010

WTP 3.2 M6 12th Mar 2010

WTP 3.2 M7 30th Apr 2010

Future Milestones

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