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I-Card Service 1.1

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The SOAP I-Card Service provides the core processing services for thin-client selectors including: AIR Selector 1.1-Win as well as for the Cloud Selector 1.1 and the iPhone Selector 1.1.


There are two variants of the I-Card Service: RPPSService and SCRPPSService. The I-Card Service 1.0 was introduced in Higgins 1.0 and supported the RPPSService variant. RPPSService is used by Higgins Embedded-Selector Extension for Firefox and the I-Card Manager.

In I-Card Service 1.1 the RPPSService has been replaced by the SCRPPSService service. The SCRPPSService is used by AIR Selector 1.1-Win, AIR Selector 1.1-Mac and the IPhone Selector.


The SOAP endpoint is defined here: RPPSService WSDL.

  • The service assumes transport level security
  • Most messages include a username and password for authentication
  • Approximately 110 message types


The SOAP endpoint is defined here: SCRPPSService WSDL .

  • The service assumes transport level security
  • Most messages are authenticated using an AccessToken.




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Components & Packages



Data Model

Within the I-Card Service's RPPS Package are some components that persist data objects on behalf of the user. These include user account data, the users set of cards, and other data. Some components use IdAS to persist their data. Others manage their own local data stores "above" IdAS. We call this data model Persona Data Model 1.0.

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