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I-Card Manager

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The I-Card Manager 1.0 is a browser-accessible web application that provides a web interface for managing a user's cards. It provides the presentation layer and relies on the I-Card Service for processing and data persistence.


The I-Card Manager is part of Higgins 1.0.


The I-Card Manager provides users with a web-based management interface to the user's I-Cards and underlying context data (if any). This app is accessed by pressing a button (currently a Higgins mouse icon/button) that is added to the browser's toolbar. From a browser, users select from these i-cards to manage it.

In essence, the org.eclipse.higgins.icm consists of a front-end user Web site, which provides a face to its users, and a back-end WS client, which accesses the I-Card Service.

This application provides the Web pages that let users select, create or update i-cards. The Web site application is responsible for coordinating all activities necessary to manage user's i-cards.



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