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Diagram Key




A web service.
A set of Components that, working together, implement a service description. Packages are logical groupings, they are not digital artifacts.
A set of one or more Projects that implement a single service description (e.g. API). A single component may have multiple alternative implementations (e.g. for different platforms, or in different languages). A component may be included in more than one package.
(Not shown in the key): An Eclipse IDE project folder. One or more projects, taken together, form an implementation of a Component. In Java a Project might compile to a .JAR, .WAR or OSGI .plugin. On LINUX, a Project would perhaps a shared library. Types of Projects include: Impl. (implementation), Interface, Test and Misc
A sub-part of a Project. One Project may be made up of multiple Sub-components.

Components, tables & rows

There are three kind of tables on these Components pages:

  • Single project tables that describe a single Component and implement it with a single Project (row). Example.
  • Multi-project tables that describe a single Component but contain multiple alternative implementation Projects (rows). Example.
  • Package tables that describe a set of rows each of which is a Component. Components_1.X#IdAS Example

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