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Welcome to the Development Home page for the EclipseLink Database Web Services (DBWS) component

This page displays information about the current state of DBWS development.

DBWS Road Map


NB - some items not currently targetted to a specific release

  • bug 362585 - DBWS: Oracle DDL Parser should resolve types from other schemas
  • bug 406017 - DBWS: Should have option to packageAs EAR
  • bug 375558 - DBWS: Builder XML doesn't allow to specify a resource instead of a JNDI datasource
  • bug 300398 - Add "get(String, Class)" method to DynamicEntity
  • AQ Web Services (bug 322950)
    • Investigate how to support; add usecase to DBWS section of User Guide
    • Highlighted as lower priority
  • Development tooling support through IDEs


  • XMLEntityMappings generation from DDLParser meta-model
  • DBWSBuilder should bootstrap from XMLEntityMappings
  • Application Server Testing (note that the server tests are also run in 2.5)
    • The application server tests currently run are relatively simple. More complex tests should be added, such as:
      1. Advanced Oracle types, i.e. ObjectType, VArray, etc.
      2. PL/SQL Record & Collection
      3. Ref Cursor
      4.  %TYPE, %ROWTYPE
    • We currently test against the following application servers:
      1. WebLogic
      2. GlassFish
      3. JBoss
      4. WebSphere
    • The following server tests are run nightly:
      1. SimpleTable
      2. SimpleSQL
      3. SimpleSP
      4. SimplePLSQL
      5. Mtom
      6. InlineBinary
      7. AttachedBinary
      8. LegacySimpleTable (tests legacy deployment XML; not run against JBoss)




  • Build environment
    • Plan to include DBWS feature in SDK bundle made available in p2 repository

Completed in EclipseLink2.3

  • EclipseLink should support complex PL/SQL arguments for Stored Functions
  • bug 332221 Support Stored Procs returning multiple rowsets.
    • Brand new core capability. Only for those platforms (Sybase, MySQL) that support it
  • DBWS Server tests
    • expand existing WLS server tests to run on WAS, JBoss and Glassfish
    • TBD: expand test coverage - what additional tests are useful?
  • bug 344341 Support complex PL/SQL arguments for Stored Functions
  • bug 303333 Handle overloaded Stored Procedure/Functions as WSDL operations



  • accommodate internal changes for AttributeChangeTracking
  • support DBWSBuilder-generated JAX-WS Provider on JRockit
  • stop DBWSBuilder from truncating GROUP BY/ORDER BY clauses
  • DBWSBuilder supports Eclipse WTP Dynamic Web Project structure


  • align DBWS internal implementation with new Dynamic Persistence features
  • DBWSBuilder utility auto-detect Optimistic Lock field
  • fix issue with JDBC metadata and overloaded Stored Functions
  • Support MTOM attachments
  • fix Web service faults: contain better server-side root cause information


  • For OraclePlatform, support advanced PL/SQL datatypes (records, collections, mixture of the two) as arguments to Stored Procedures
    • need compatible JDBC 'shadow' types to align with PL/SQL types
  • For OraclePlatform, support complex JDBC datatypes (objects, varrays, mixture of the two) as arguments to Stored Procedures
  • Fix WSDL inline-schema to support above complex args
  • Add support for SOAP 1.2
  • Fix Delete operation (part of table-based CRUD): use only PK fields, not whole instance
  • Use nillable="true" to represent database null
  • DBWSBuilder utility to produce DDL for the compatible JDBC shadow types


  • Deploy to JAX-WS 2.n complaint server (WebLogic 10)
  • For OraclePlatform, support simple PL/SQL datatypes (PLSINTEGER, BOOLEAN, etc) as arguments to Stored Procedures
  • Improve server-side exception handling


The focus is on providing capabilities based upon the 3 types of database artifacts:

  1. table: CRUD lifecycle
  2. Stored Procedure: specialized queries
  3. Result set: returned from SQL SELECT queries

Supported Use-Cases


Individual wiki pages for various DBWS features

DBWS Testing

Original DBWS Functional Specification and High-level Design documentation

Old status logs

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