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Supported Use Cases for non-Oracle Platforms

The design-time utility DBWSBuilder uses JDBC meta-data APIs (java.sql.DatabaseMetaData) to extract information about tables (column names and types) and Stored Procedures (argument names and types) which is then translated into information required by DBWS (EclipseLink Project files, XML Schemas, etc) so that at runtime a Web service client can invoke an operation and receive a response.

  • raw SQL
The selection criteria for a Query can be specified as a SQL SELECT statement. This means that DBWS does not know what information will be returned until the statement has been executed and the java.sql.ResultSet returned. In these cases, a simplified XML format is used and the types returned must be simple scalar types (Number, String, Float, etc.)
  • Tables
A returned table row (or rows plural) is transformed into XML that conforms to an XML Schema. For each table, a complexType is generated with each column as an element of the complexType. The XML datatypes used are simple scalar types (<xsd:string>, <xsd:decimal>, <xsd:datetime>, etc.)
  • Stored Procedures
A Stored Procedure can invoke complex business logic encapsulated within the database. The arguments to the procedure are simple scalar types (Number, String, Float, etc.)

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