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Design Documents

  • Data Visualization 1.0 i10 Design Documents
ER Owner Sizing Importance
217303 Support partial registering and deregister configuration Items 1.6 PW High
210134 COSMOS Programming Guide [UI Data Visualizatoin 2 PW High
220334 Additional Record Types for the Graph Reponse Viewer 1.2 PW High
214143 Predefined CMDBf Queries 2 PW Medium
214153 Data Visualization Customization - Customized CMDBf Query Builder 3.5 PW Medium
221554 Provide a simple view to show the service meta data from an MDR. 1.0 PW Medium
214158 Data Visualization Customization - Customized CMDBf Response 5.5 PW Low
215521 Visualizations are needed around the service metadata of MDRs 3.4 PW Low
215502 Provide UI for managing COSMOS components Low
208604 Data Visualization Test Harness Low

Design Concepts

Data Visualization Development Environment Information

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