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COSMOS Data Visualization Code

CVS Information

The following is the project set file that will extract the data visualization components from CVS:

Plugin Structure

When you import the project set file into your workspace you should get the following plugins

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.drs.service.handler
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.tests
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.template
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.views

The following plugins contain the data visualization framework

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.drs.service.handler - contains servlet and outputter classes that create the JSON feeds
  • - contains framework code to layout the widgets within a browser page
  • - contains DOJO widgets that visualize trees, properties, etc.

The following plugins contain the data visualization framework test cases

  • org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.tests

The following plugins contain custom visualizations

  • - contains configuration information for the BIRT viewer need to run the data collection OSGI bundles
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.template - contains BIRT report templates that visualize Statistical and CBE data
  • org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.views - contains javascript files and configuration files to configure the COMSOS UI (i.e. css, html, jsp, xml). These files are specific to a particular user scenario

org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.drs.service.handler Structure

This component contains the REST handlers that produces the JSON feeds.


  1. this package contains the servlet and outputter classes needed to build the feeds used by the report widgets
  2. this package contains the servlet and outputter classes needed to build the feeds used by the SML widgets. Notes the output talks to the SML repository directly.
  3. this package contains the servlet and outputter classes needed to build the feeds used by the style widgets. These widgets are used to intialize the widgets with the intialize widget configuration information. Structure

This component contains common files required by the Data Visualization framework.


  1. this package contains classes to register a view with a particular quandrant within a page.
  2. this directory contains the intial index page used when starting the data visualization user interface Structure

This component contains the DOJO widgets used to consume the JSON feeds.


  1. this directory contains utility DOJO classes that hold style information for a widget.
  2. this directory contains COSMOS DOJO widgets that are used to visualize the data from the JSON feeds.

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.views Structure

This component contains the configuration information required to configure a view in the COSMOS visualization framework. DrViewsSnap.gif

  1. this directory contains custom Dojo widget that visualizes a custom data feed
  2. this file contains style sheet cosmetic data
  3. this xml file contains style information for the dojo widgets as explained in the "Customizing Existing Widgets " and "Customizing the Visualization of Property Values" sections under the 0.4 design document
  4. this XML file contains page layout information for the dojo widgets.
  5. this jsp file defines the structure of the page.
  6. this XML file contains a registration that registered a particular JSON outputter class to a JSON service feed.
  7. this is the web.xml file that contains bootstrap configuration information for the COSMOS Web UI

org.eclipse.cosmos.examples.e2e.dr.template Structure

This component contains BIRT report files.


  1. these are BIRT report templates that can visualize CBE or Statistical data.
  2. this xml file is a report deployment file that associates a report to a specific classification id. This is further explained in the "Report Component" section under the 0.4 design document

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