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This article presents the architecture and high-level design of the COSMOS Data Visualization Component.

COSMOS 0.4 Data Visualization Design Document

The design document has been moved to CVS undergoing iterative updates. Currently CVS was deemed as the best medium to update this document. After careful review this document will be finalized and ready to be published at which time the wiki page will contain the design document.

The CVS information to get the design document is as follows:

  • Host:
  • Repository path: /cvsroot/technology
  • Connection Type: pserver
  • User: anonymous
  • Module path: org.eclipse.cosmos/doc/org.eclipse.cosmos.doc.architecture/data-visualization
  • Document file: COSMOS-DataVisualizationDesign.html

You can directly download and view the document here, but the image links will be broken.

Compiling the COSMOS 0.4 Data Visualization UI

Follow the following steps to build the data visualization ui components.

  1. Download wtp 2.0 RC1 all in one driver (
  2. Import the following project set file here, . This will check out the code from cvs into your workspace. When prompted for a user id and password enter 'anonymous' for the id with a blank password.
  3. Make sure the org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.drs.service.handler compiles. You might have to edit the JRE System Library in the Java Build Path to point to the correct jdk. File:Jdkcompile.gif
  4. Repeat the above step for org.eclipse.cosmos.dr.gvs.views and

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