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COSMOS Design 217303

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Change History

Name: Date: Revised Sections:
Sheldon Lee-Loy 03/04/2008
  • Initial version
Bill Muldoon 03/04/2008
  • Added estimates and detailed use case

Workload Estimation

Rough workload estimate in person weeks
Process Sizing Names of people doing the work
Design .2 Bill
Code .8 Bill
Test .4 Bill
Documentation .1 Bill
Build and infrastructure 0
Code review, etc.* .1

'* - includes other committer work (e.g. check-in, contribution tracking)


This enhancement covers the partial registration and deregistration feature outline under [214672] and Bugzilla 217313.

Use Case

1. User builds and executes a query on an MDR (the UI shows a query node in the navigator tree view)

2. User right-clicks on the query node and selects "register configuration items..."

3. A dialog appears which shows the items/relationships from the query result and a list of CMDBfs.

4. User selects a CMDBf and the items/relationships.

5. Pressing the "register" button invokes the register method of the selected CMDBf with the selected items/relationships from the MDR.

6. The dialog displays the registration results.

A similar dialog is used for the partial deregistration.

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