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BaSyx / Releases and Features

Existing Releases

Java Release 1.5.1


  • Fixes Submodel creation event being sent at incorrect times when using MongoDB
  • Fixes FileSubmodelElement‘s value being wrong with MongoDB & preconfigured AASX

Java Release 1.5.0


  • RBAC can now be configured based on submodel SemanticId
  • Reworks MongoDB backend implementation to be stateless, thus enabling better scaling
  • Adds compatibility for inconsistently specified dataTypes (allows upercase)
  • Adds ConnectedEntity for working with remote Entity SMEs
  • Adds support for implementing further EmbeddedDataSpecification


  • Fixes empty assets in AAS when deserializing from XML/AASX
  • Fixes RBAC configuration file not being read from file system
  • Adds missing ValueType "decimal"
  • Fixes File SubmodelElement's files sometimes not being served
  • Fixes order of calls to AAS Server & AAS Registry in case of AAS/Submodel deletion to ensure consistent state in registry
  • Fixes collisions in case of loading multiple AASX that included files with same file name
  • Fixes AASX upload ignoring files included in AASX
  • Fixes submodel elements being duplicated in MongoDB when being created in an SMC


  • Renames "" entry of AAS Server configuration to "aas.externalurl" to highlight its intention and avoid confusion. "" still works to ensure backward compatibility.

Java Release 1.4.0


  • AAS/Submodels added to the AAS Server are now automatically registered with the Registry, if configured
  • File SubmodelElements now support upload/download of files by a dedicated HTTP/REST API
    • Upload via HTTP/POST [1] (path-to-file-submodelelement/File/upload)
    • Download via HTTP/GET [1] (path-to-file-submodelelement/File)
    • Supported for both InMemory and MongoDB backend
  • If a file is uploaded to a File SubmodelElement, the value of the File SubmodelElement is automatically adapted
  • The ConnectedAASManager now tries all endpoints and takes the first working one
    • This is particulary useful in reverse-proxy scenarios where only certain endpoints may be valid depending on the context


  • Fixes bug where aasx file unpacking could fail
  • Fixes scenarios where an mqtt client was not shut down correctly
  • Fixes signals like SIGTERM not being correctly propagated to the Docker components
    • Shutting down an AAS Server gracefully now unregisters every contained AAS/Submodel, if a registry is configured

Java Release 1.3.1

  • Fixes OperationVariable's internal representation of SMC & Entity
  • Adds missing date valuetype
  • Adds missing Wget installation to components' Dockerfiles for Health Checks
  • Fixes MongoDBSubmodelAPI value retrieval bug
  • Fixes delegated operation handling in MongoDBSubmodelAPI
  • Removes _id entry from aas/sm where not already removed for MongoDB
  • Enables auto reconnect for mqtt connection
  • Fixes missing mapping of mqtt client environment variable
  • Adds missing default config for mqtt to docker images

Java Release 1.3

Java Release 1.2


  • CORS-Support
  • Asset Reference Harmonization
  • TaggedDirectory:
    • Adds support for authorization
    • Adds support for MQTT Eventing
  • Updates Tomcat to Version 9.0.64
  • Graceful shutdown of AAS Server unregisters contained AAS/Submodels if a registry is configured

Java Release 1.1

  • MQTT eventing for all APIs
  • Authorization support for all APIs
  • Upload of AASX via HTTP-POST using multipart/form-data
  • Operation Delegation Mechanism enabling delegating operation calls made on the AAS OTS Server to outside HTTP/REST APIs
  • Integration of TaggedDirectory with off-the-shelf Registry component

Java Release 1.0

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming releases are prepared in their respective branches

C# Release 1.0

The current status can be found in the big-interface-changes branch. It will be merged to the master branch after official release. The following elements are part of the release:

  • Implementation of Details of the Asset Administration Shell (Part 1) v2.0.1
    • Implementation of the meta model
    • Implementation of JSON/XML/AASX serialization & deserialization
  • Full compatibility with AASX Package Explorer
  • Building Blocks: Interface Definitions & Reference Implementations according to the API specification
    • Asset Administration Shell Registry
    • Asset Administration Shell Server
    • Asset Administration Shell Repository Server
    • Submodel Server
    • Submodel Repository Server
    • Client libraries for all definitions above
  • User-Interfaces (UI) for all building blocks
  • Applications (ready to be deployed from Edge to Cloud):
    • Asset Administration Shell Registry
    • Asset Adminsitration Shell Repository Server
    • AASX Package Server
  • Examples

C++ Release 1.0

Java Release 2.0

See GitHub for details

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