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Property Delegation

User Story & Use Case

As data integrator

I want to delegate property value retrieval to arbitrary endpoints with a defined interface

so that I can integrate arbitrary third-party data sources by creating gateways

This feature enables easy integration of third-party HTTP/REST data sources and is a central building block to the Delegator approach utilized by the BaSyx DataBridge . If a non HTTP/REST data source needs to be integrated, the BaSyx DataBridge can be used for data integration and data transformation.

Feature Overview

By annotating properties with Qualifiers containing an HTTP/REST endpoint, the AAS Component is ordered to delegate the property retrieval to the URL contained in the qualifier. This delegation mechanism is completely transparent on all GET endpoints. Please note that a delegated property can not be written as of today.

The HTTP/REST endpoint delegated to is expected to return a value on HTTP-GET that can be directly returned as valid Property value without the need for any transformation.

Feature Configuration

The delegation feature can enabled (Enabled) or disabled (Disabled) via the file.


Additional to the overall feature activation, properties need to be annotated via a Qualifier with type delegatedTo and a valid HTTP/REST URL as value.

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