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BaSyx / Documentation / Components / Registry / Features / Tagged Directory

User Story & Use Case

As AAS Components user

I want to tag AAS & Submodel descriptors

so that I can search for combinations of tags without the need of exploring the complete AAS & Submodel structure

The tagged directory enables users to perform a discovery of existing AAS & Submodels based on customizable tags. For example, all AAS representing products can be tagged with product.

Feature Overview

This feature enables users to tag AAS Descriptors & AAS Submodels with customizable tags. Tags are arbitrary strings like product, OPC UA or CNC mill. Both AAS Descriptors and Submodel Descriptors can be retrieved by specifying a set of tags. If multiple tags are specified, only descriptors matching all tags are returned.

The TaggedDirectory feature extends the existing HTTP/REST API of the Registry with additional endpoints for working with tags.

Feature Configuration

The TaggedDirectory is disabled by default. It can be enabled in the


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