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(Advanced Guides)
(Advanced Guides)
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4. [[Creating a new Graph | Creating a CUSTOM Graph]]
4. [[Creating a new Graph | Creating a CUSTOM Graph]]
5. [[Introduction to Compartment Models|Compartment Models]]  
5. [[Introduction to Compartment Models]]  
6. [[Transportation Models|Transportation Models]]
6. [[Transportation Models|Transportation Models]]

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Tutorials and User Guides

  1. Watch full length STEM Tutorials on YouTubeTM
    1. In English
    2. In Hebrew
    3. In Japanese
    4. In Spanish
  2. Importing and Exporting Projects
  3. Creating a STEM Scenario
  4. Using Structured Populations in STEM
  5. Running Experiments (in batch mode)
  6. Running an Automated Experiment
  7. Invoking Modifiers Using Triggers and Predicates.
  8. The STEM Map View
  9. Importing Data from Files
  10. Logging Data to Files
  11. Analysis
    1. Estimating Model Parameters from External Data
    2. Epidemic Analysis
    3. RMS Comparison Between Data Sets
    4. Lyapunov Analysis
  12. Context-Sensitive Help

Advanced Guides

1. Building the STEM RCP Application

2. Running STEM from the Development Environment

3. Composing a Graph

4. Creating a CUSTOM Graph

5. Introduction to Compartment Models

6. Transportation Models

7. Creating a new Disease Model Plug-in Using EMF (Very Advanced Users)

8. Creating a Customized Color Provider

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