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  • CPS benchmark readme updated
  • VIATRA website
    • Any feedback welcome
      • Main title: Scalable reactive model queries and transformations
      • List of partners could be extended
  • Documentation
    • Target website _and_ help
    • Use similar formatting to tutorial
    • Goal: deprecate (with explicit links to modified contents)
  • 1.7 release
    • M3 out, feature freeze
    • Issues requiring development mostly fixed
    • Some testing/documentation issues still open
    • TODO: Gaben: review optimization tickets, split/close/postpone as necessary
  • 1.6.2
    • Regression: excessive logging because a mistake
    • Fix already in 1.7, backport waiting for review
  • Feature request
  • VIATRA 2.0
    • Review and discussion of components to be migrated to 2.0, conclusions
      • CPP components
        • Development effort in a hard fork of the project
        • Cannot be merged back soon
        • For now remove; if necessary, can be readded later
      • Keep Graphiti and Facet model editors (remain in incubation)
      • Keep LS debugger as incubation component
      • TODO Zoli (Ábel): Check usage of EVM-JDT integration in Papyrus
    • DSE maintainer needed
    • High-level feature ideas discussed four weeks ago
    • Low-level issues in Bugzilla with 2.0 milestones
      • Issue list is up to discussion
      • Some bugs still not opened
      • Currently issue list seems ambitious
    • 1.7-maintenance branch is planned to be created between 13-17 November

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