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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • TODOs from last meeting
    • TODO: Issue management
    • TODO Balázs: evaluate and test code generation strategies
    • TODO Balázs: evaluate new scoping experiments
    • TODO: tests for dangling edges issue
  • Cyclic linking issue found:
  • Temporary object reduction for LS in progress
  • Sunsetting trajectory
    • VIATRA-CEP is retiring, remove from build and update site, issues closed as won’t fix
    • Xcore removal: tag in repository and delete from master
  • Plan
    • Open VIATRA 2.0 branch after 1.7.0M3
    • Photon will probably include 1.7.x, unless 2.0 with migration support is ready
    • Decide until M6 - 2018.03.14, unless there are dependants in SimRel
    • Including both VQL and VQL2 in 2.0 may also be possible
    • Backport bugfixes to 1.7.x maintenance branch
  • Discuss relation of bug 496907 to other ongoing tasks
  • VIATRA 2.0 overview:
    • Minimum dependencies
      • Java 8
      • Eclipse Mars
      • Xtext 2.12
      • Guava 21
      • Eclipse Collections 9
    • Incubating components does not carry over to 2.0 branch
    • Graduate Viewers, RETE visualizer, LS debugging, Transformation debugger
    • Main points to address
      • Scoping and imports in VQL (breaking backward compatibility on query definitions)
      • Minimum dependency updates (see above)
      • Remove all deprecated API
      • Consider using runtime exceptions instead of checked exceptions
      • See list of issues in 2.0.0M1
    • Top priority until March 2018
      • Runtime API breaks
      • VQL2 language


  • Issues from last week
    • Balazs will hopefully get to evaluation next week
    • Dangling edges tests not yet created
    • Cyclic linking issue
      • We have minimal reproducing example, but no fix yet
  • Temporary object reduction in LS first iteration done
  • Istvan, Zoltan and Abel went through issues
    • 1.7.0 issues assigned and filtered
  • Plans to start 2.0 development branch (see in topics for details)
    • Guava dependency: must be careful, check with users
    • Gaben: shouldn’t we use 4.0 instead?
      • No; the last restructuring/renaming was done to avoid the confusion between version numbers and generations

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